Dear Golden Egg archive user, 

if you have a question, hopefully you will find an answer here.

if we accidentally lost some of your Golden Eggs or if you found some other error to address, please fill in the enquiry form and we will look into your concern. But before you do, scroll down a bit and you might find the answer to your question in our FAQ section. 



Why can't I find anything at all?


To make it easier for you to navigate the archive, we created a system of tabs: Works/People/Submitter. Always make sure that you have the right label selected when searching, i.e. if you are searching for a person, the People tab should be selected, if you are searching for a submitter or agency, the submitter tab should be selected.


Where are all the categories that were in the old archive?


The categories in the Golden Egg have had many different names over the years - for example, in the old archives you could find categories such as “firmagraafika”, “www” ja “postitatud reklaam”. To simplify the archive, we have renamed some of the categories. The original category names can be found HERE.


I can't find my name in the search, what should I do?


Look up the job you're involved in and see if your name is there and spelt correctly. If not, send us a query and we'll solve the problem.


The archives say I've won 11 Golden Eggs, but I've actually won 27. What's going on?


In this case, you have to do the same as for the previous question - look up the work and see if your name is there and spelt correctly. As the archive is fresh, it's possible that some Golden Eggs have been lost, sorry. In any case, it is wise to query us so that we can get the errors corrected.